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Personal Loan

Do you need to buy a car, renovate your home, escape abroad for a well-deserved rest, or anything else? Take advantage of the personal loan that suits you best and finance your projects and transparently. No more having to choose. The personal loan guarantees you adjustable monthly payments depending on the amount of your personal loan and, above all, 100% online management to facilitate your procedures!

A personal loan is requested to have a sum to be used freely without the need to justify the expense to the credit institution that issues it. Typically, the purpose of a loan 

is a major expense, such as purchasing a new or used car, home renovation, or even purchasing furniture. But in recent years, the financial culture has changed, and buying with the use of a loan has become a habit, so much so that now a loan is also requested for small sums and purposes such as a trip or a holiday, a medical expenses, surgery or university expenses.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a depreciable credit intended for individuals to finance personal needs or the purchase of everyday consumer goods. It can be the purchase of a car or the financing of work, but also a trip that you have always dreamed of, a wedding that you want to be grandiose or, more prosaically, the purchase of furniture as part of a new move. The possibilities are endless; you decide!

What are the conditions for successful acceptance of a personal loan?

Before providing a personal loan, the loan provider will check if you meet the access requirements. The most common acceptance requirement concerns repayment ability. To do this, you will need to prove with the help of some documents and supporting documents that you have the repayment options you need to calmly settle your monthly payments.

Disposable Income – The first step is to calculate your disposable income: salary, pension, rental income, income from a business, equalized premiums, unemployment benefits, unemployment benefits, etc.

So even if you are self-employed or looking for a job, you can still meet the admission requirements. Generally, credit bureaus require some supporting documents to ensure that your repayment options are stable over time.

Personal Expenses – The second step is to subtract your expenses from your disposable income to calculate your monthly ability to pay. These options are enough to pay your monthly personal loan payments while also being able to handle the small unexpected expenses and events of everyday life.

Under “Costs,” rent or monthly mortgage payments, energy costs (EDF, etc.), taxes and fees, etc., are taken into account; the calculation also takes into personal account circumstances: family situation, number of children per child, status as a landlord or tenant, etc.

Once this data is collated, online credit bureaus will know your exact repayment options and be able to assess whether your file meets the acceptance criteria.

What documents to provide for personal credit?

The list of documents to be provided as part of a personal loan project is as follows:

  • Identity document
  • Financial documents (salary slips, etc.)
  • Latest tax notices
  • Documents relating to any loans already in progress

You have the option of applying for your online loan with a co-borrower. The latter must then also sign the contract and provide the supporting documents requested.

Why subscribe to personal credit online?

Nowadays, online platforms like ReCashLoan makes your life easier! Indeed, all the procedures are dematerialized, and you benefit from a 100% online, clear and fast personal loan service. Whether it is for a project to buy a new car, work in an apartment or in a house, or replace a household appliance, you can get your loan at attractive prices at With the personal loan from ReCashLoan, don’t wait any longer to carry out your projects!

Personal Loan
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