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Study Loan

The release of funds can be staggered (every month, quarter, semester, year, etc.) to reduce the total cost of credit. Repayment of the student loan can be deferred until the student has completed his studies, in full (capital and interest) or partially (payment of interest as soon as the funds are released and deferred capital repayment).

Because students often have limited budgets and financing their studies is not always easy, it is possible to take out a student loan online. What are the advantages and special conditions of this type of credit? Let’s explore this in this blog.

Student loan: what is it?

As its name suggests, a Study loan is a consumer loan granted by a bank or a credit organization to people who wish to finance their studies. The student loan can be used to finance various elements: school/university registration, tuition fees, the purchase of a computer, a car, the rental of accommodation, etc.

The advantages of student loan online

The purpose of online student loans is to allow students to carry out their studies in good conditions. Most online platforms offer attractive conditions for this type of profile with lots of advantages, including:

  • Preferential credit rates;
  • Deferred repayment, up to 10 years;
  • A modifiable repayment term;
  • The release in one or more times of the capital;
  • The possibility of repaying interest from the first year thanks to small monthly payments adapted to student life.

How to get a study loan

Many online platforms offer student loans. However, obtaining a Study loan is subject to certain conditions:

  • To be of age ;
  • Be a student, of course, be registered in a university, a school, or a higher education establishment, and be able to prove it with a student card or a school certificate;
  • Be under 30, sometimes under 28 at some banks;
  • Have a guarantee that the parents (depending on the banks, other relatives such as brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts, etc., can also act as guarantors) in the case of a classic student loan.

Some credit institutions and online platforms only grant student loans to people enrolled in structures recognized by the National Education.

Choose your student loan.

A student loan is a classic consumer loan. To find the most suitable financing solution, it is important to properly assess your borrowing capacity and define the conditions for carrying out your project.

Thus, before applying for a loan online, remember to determine the following:

  • The maximum amount you need for your student loan;
  • The number of monthly payments that you will be able to pay in the future;
  • The term of your loan;
  • The loan rate (APR) that can be offered to you and the type of interest rate (fixed rate, adjustable rate, etc.).Insurance with advantageous conditions

Do you want to insure your student loan? ReCashLoan offers a study loan with attractive terms that allows you to take advantage of an advantageous rate adapted to your situation, fixed and guaranteed until the end of your student loan. Fill out the study loan form in a few minutes at and look for available options that suit your needs!

Study Loan
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